romi is an artist and designer living between Bordeaux and Paris, France. You may know her work from multiple exhibitions in Montreal, New-York, Tokyo and Hong-Kong, various book fairs, and also for her terrible cats, Alto and Morille.

Born in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France, the rendez-vous point of an insufferable bourgeoisie, romi grew up in Moscow, Russia, where she survived the 2002 Nord-Ost siege, and then some other places, until she landed in Bordeaux, France, where she lived most of her adult life, studied psychology, and then bookselling as well as book publishing. Bordeaux is also known for its insufferable bourgeoisie, but also for housing the famous “bored hot communist” Philippe Poutou.

Contact, etc.
irc (Libera.Chat)romi
Drawing portrait of Romi and Alto by Romane Bourdet. Romi is standing while Alto is on her shoulder.
Portrait by Romane Bourdet.


Following the tradition of frequently questioned answers:

Do you have a website?
How do you pronounce —
What is your favourite scent?
Citrus notes are the best. To tell the truth, my hand cream, body lotion, soap, and my perfume have a yuzu scent.
How can I tell you apart in a crowd?
I’m the gal wearing a lot of green clothes.


I have a small collection of picrew avatars.